Welcome to Our Kids Club

Our Kids’ Club runs every day, from 7.30 am until school starts, and from 3.30pm – 6.00pm. If you would like to begin using Kids Club you need to fill in a registration form at the office.

Presently our charges are:

  • Morning session from 7.30 am (including breakfast) – £5.60 per session
  • Afternoons – booked in advance,  £4.50 per hour
  • Afternoons – ad hoc bookings (i.e. not booked and paid for by the 1st of the month), £6.00 per hour

Please note that all bookings must be made through the Magic Booking website at least 24 hours before the required session. Once booked, sessions are and will remain payable, and all fees are payable in advance via Magic Booking.