If you wish to apply for leave of absence for your child please download and complete the form available using the link above.

Please note that criteria for granting leave of absence have not changed following recent High Court decisions, most notably regarding the case in the Isle of Wight. Those judgements affected the decisions of the Local Authority to implement penalties and/or bring prosecutions, not the criteria on which the school made their decision to authorise absence or not.

The Government’s position is that leave of absence should only take place where there are ‘exceptional circumstances’; it is up to the Headteacher and Governors to determine what this means. Governors of our school have decided that exceptional means an event that cannot be repeated at any other time. Consequently, leave to attend one-off events such as weddings or funerals are examples of requests that are more likely to be approved.

If you wish to apply for leave of absence please supply as much supporting information as possible, as far in advance as possible. We do request at least two weeks’ notice of any absence; this allows time for proper consideration to be given and, if necessary, further information/clarification to be sought.

Please bear in mind, before asking for leave of absence, that children already have 13 weeks’ holiday a year; as far as possible please arrange your holidays during these periods.

Thank you