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Leave of Absence

Working together, with Jesus beside us, to achieve our full potential.

There is no entitlement to time off during term time. A leave of absence is only granted in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Headteacher in accordance with the DFE guidance.

Our policy states that only in an exceptional circumstance will term time leave be allowed. Each request is considered individually, but as a guidance to the Headteacher, the Governors have defined “exceptional circumstances” as being circumstances that cannot be replicated again for the child. Such circumstances may include a very close family wedding, the attendance of a parent’s graduation or sadly, a funeral of a family member, but these events are not exclusive and each request will be considered on its individual merits.

Parents/Carers wishing to apply for leave of absence need to fill in an application form well in advance (with a minimum of 2 weeks notice) and before booking tickets or making travel arrangements. The cheaper cost of holidays in term time is not an acceptable reason for an application. No leave of absence will be authorised during any assessment periods for any year groups.

Every request will be treated individually on its own merits. Alongside your request of leave for ‘exceptional’ circumstances we may require written evidence/confirmation of the detail of the exceptional circumstances e.g. information from your employer / evidence of a special one off occasion – and we do ask for as much detail as is possible so that a full and considered decision can be made.

Please remember that absence for whatever reason disadvantages a child by creating gaps in his/her learning. Valuable learning time is lost. A good understanding of the work and good progress can only take place when the child is in the classroom regularly and on time.

If term time leave is taken without prior permission from the school, the absence will be unauthorised. Unauthorised absences may be liable for a Penalty Notice Fine, which are issued by the Local Authority (schools do not profit from the fines). If you choose not to pay the fine you may face prosecution if the absence meets the criteria set out in the Local Authorities Code of Conduct.

You have the right to make representations to the Chair of Governors if you feel the Headteacher’s decision is unjust, however the final decision lies with the Headteacher and the Local Authority. Whilst we understand you may not get the decision you want, anger or aggression towards the Headteacher or any member of staff will not be tolerated.

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