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Pupil Premium

Working together, with Jesus beside us, to achieve our full potential.

Pupil Premium is Government funding allocated to schools for pupils who are currently registered for free school meals (FSM) and also for the subsequent 6 years following the date that the FSM benefit ends (known as ‘Ever 6’). The funding is used to provide additional support to ensure these children make good progress, that any barriers to learning are addressed and to ensure that they have experiences which may otherwise be unavailable to them.

A Service Pupil Premium is also available for children whose parents are in the armed forces. This funding is specifically aimed at providing pastoral support ensuring the social and emotional well-being of the child. 

In addition, children who are looked after, adopted or under a special guardianship order receive extra funding called Pupil Premium Plus. This funding is used to narrow and close the gap between the achievement of these pupils and their peers, whilst also ensuring Social and Emotional Well-Being.

Whilst we understand that children in Reception and Key Stage 1 are automatically entitled to a free school lunch we recommend that you apply as it does entitle your child to more funding.


Applying for funding is a straight forward and confidential process. You can apply online at the following website:

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